The Chuandong Hound Club

Established in 2017 the main aim of the Club is to conserve the Chuandong Hound in type and form, using the China Kennel Union breed standard as a blueprint to work towards when breeding the coming generations.

The Club will support all enthusiasts of the breed by providing breed specific information, giving advice on responsible ownership and encouraging owners to use the breed’s characteristics in present day activities,

The Club’s Facebook page provides a place for families to post pictures of their Chuandong’s and share information they think would be helpful to other Chuandong Hound owners.

In May of 2023 Mr Franki Leung, the author of the China Kennel Union (CKU) breed standards asked the Chuandong Hound, Chongqing Dog and Laizhou Hong breed clubs if we could come together as the ‘Chinese Native Breeds Association’ with the aim of working together to take these unique breeds in the right direction as they become more popular in the U.K. 

Arrangements are being made for our first show …

Venue – Sports Connexion, Nr Coventry, CV8 3FL. Date – 12th November 2023.   

Judge and speaker for all three breeds will be Mr Franki Leung

The Ethics, Constitution and Rules of The Chuandong Hound Club are in line with those established by the UK Kennel Club.

Club Officers Committee members
President ; Mr Franki Leung. Mrs Sharon Hamilton. Mr Kevin Hamilton.
Chairperson ; Miss Clare Burnett. Mrs Gail Crilly.
Secretary ; Mrs Alison Darley. Mrs Natasha Van Der Vliet.
Treasurer ; Mr Jim Cornock C.T.A. Mrs Louise Rolfe.
Events Manager ; Ms Nicola Price. Mr Andrew Rossi.
Web Design ; Mrs Jenny Chevalier. Mr Damien Chevalier.

“Our mission is to protect this ancient treasure”