*Introducing the next generation here @ Cymrygold*

Mylo ~ Sire - Charlie, Dam - Fei Fei

Merlin ~ Sire - Charlie, Dam - Echo

Jayda ~ Sire - Charlie, Dam - Echo

~Preserving an ancient treasure~

We have a responsibility to do our best to protect this unique breed, which is why we have encouraged our new owners to use their Chuandong’s strength of character in a variety of modern day activities… We were excited to be contacted by Sharon and Kevin Hamilton @ frenchtruffletree.com who were keen to add a couple of our pups to their Truffle hunting team of dogs in the South of France. In July of 2022 Ting and Tao travelled home with Sharon and Kevin who have since trained them in this very specialised skill.

In May of 2023 Wulong was added to the team @ french truffle tree.

We sometimes have neutered adults looking for a lifelong pet home

As we are the only kennel importing, promoting and breeding the Chuandong Hound in the U.K. it is our responsibility to give the breed a strong foundation …. we take this responsibility very seriously …. to do this we need to make the gene pool as large as possible so that each generation we produce will have a strong and diverse genetic makeup. This will reduce the chance of the breed as a whole developing health issues associated with dogs that are too closely bred. We are constantly seeking out dogs that are true to the ancient breed type as detailed in the CKU breed standard, when located the dogs have to go through health checks and vaccinations associated with import regulations before they can come to the U.K.

We have to limit the number of dogs we have to enable us to care for them to the high standard we demand. So from time to time we will need to find life long pet homes for some of our young adults, to enable us to import dogs to add to our breeding program. These will typically be three to four year old Males that have sired pups that we have retained and Females that may have had a litter? All these dogs will be neutered before they leave us! the Chuandong has a life span of 16-20 years so at this age they have many years in front of them, we believe it is only right that they have the chance of a loving family.

As with our puppies we will be very careful as to where these individuals are homed! There will be an adoption fee of around £500. We will add to this page when we have any young adults available, in the mean time contact details of anyone interested in a young adult can be sent by email for our records. Not everyone can make the commitment needed to raise a puppy … by adopting one of our young adults you will be a valued member of our Chuandong Hound family while enjoying the love and loyalty of one of these incredible dogs you will also enable us to enlarge the gene pool to continue this exciting journey as we establish the Chuandong Hound in the U.K.