'Families have their say about life with a Chuandong'

We have now had 6 owners return to add a 2nd Chuandong to their Family


Cymrygold China : 23-06-2016 & Cymrygold Kaishi : 09-10-2021

We have two Chuandong’s both came from Alison @ Cymrygold China was 4 years old when we got her, we have not had one single problem with her she is so laid back and takes everything in her stride. Kaishi was 13 weeks old when she came to us (6 months now) she is quite different to China a little whirlwind! Both of them are very  loving and gentle, as well as being great house dogs. I would recommend a Chuandong Hound to anyone they are the BEST breed ever!!! And with a life expectancy of 16-20 years! Lyn Fenwick-Lawton, Yorkshire.


Cymrygold Shyanne : 25-11-2020

Chuandong Hounds are an amazing breed, we have our 17 month old girl Shy she is amazing with my boys, my youngest has autism she is great with him. Shy was so confident when she arrived with us @ 8 weeks of age due to the time and attention Alison and her Daughter  Daisy had put in with the litter. I do Mantrailing with Shy she has taken to it really well and it is great fun for both of us. Chuandongs are lovely loyal family dogs that pick up training easily and they love their cuddles … Best breed there is in my eye, Shy is everything we could have asked for. Gail Crilly, Scotland

Cymrygold Mao Mao : 09-10-2021

The Chuandong Hound is an amazing breed my girl is the sweetest little thing, by far the easiest pup I’ve ever had the pleasure to train she was pretty much house trained when we got her @ 8 weeks of age. We have a lot of other animals, being a hound we were concerned how she would be around them to start with, but she was easier to introduce to all the birds than my none hunting breed! Mao Mao didn’t put a foot wrong with my 4 other dogs either, she gave them the space they needed she can read them so well which made introductions effortless for all concerned, my girl is incredibly switched on, she loves her toys and cuddles with the whole family. Marina Jennings, Cambridge.

Cymrygold Dexter : 22-05 2021

Chuandongs really are the best dog you could ever wish for, Dexter is now 11 months old and our home wouldn’t be the same without him! We have a disabled daughter who is in a wheelchair, he will sit guarding her if we leave the room or she is unwell he is always watching to make sure she is ok?
Dexter is so loving and affectionate to all family members and a brilliant watchman around the house and garden.
When he arrived he only had 1 toileting accident which was completely our fault! Alison is an amazing breeder and he came to us house trained @ 8 weeks of age … we  were given lots of advise in a comprehensive Puppy pack.
We have previously had a Staff and a Staff cross which were also very lovely dogs but I don’t miss the molting and fur on our clothes or furniture. Dexter is great fun he loves to play, snuggle or just be with us all, getting a Chuandong Hound is most definitely the best choice our Family made. Eloise Dudley, West Midlands.

Cymrygold Zhen Zhen : 18-10-2021

 I have followed this breed on Facebook for some time and honestly never expected to even meet one never mind welcome one into our home, Alison showed us the parents of the pups before we met the litter, I fell in love with the little girl we later called Zhen Zhen as soon as I picked her up and she started licking my face when I passed her to my husband I could tell he was already smitten as well we collected her 2 weeks later. Zhen zhen was brilliant right from the start, following Alison’s advice regarding toilet training Zhen zhen has been dry through the night right from the very start, she had a couple of accidents in the house before we learnt to recognise the signs that she needed to go out.

I had wanted a dog for many years and I have to say having Zhen zhen is the best thing in the world she is loving, funny and very cheeky, she is brilliant with other dogs and despite the fact that this breed can be aloof with other people when out at the dog field she says hi to everyone. At home she is more on guard friend’s are welcomed and cuddled, however if she hears anyone outside the house she let’s us know she is very alert and protective.

I am disabled so struggle with walking long distances but walking Zhen zhen is helping me to improve, she enjoys our walks unless its raining, she is great company for me as my husband works away during the week I love spending time with her, she fits in perfectly to our lifestyle and we wouldn’t want to be without her, My Husband has Asthma but has had no issues with Zhen zhen as she doesnt molt. We get so many compliments about how beautiful she is especially her colouring, we have had Zhen zhen for 4 months but it feels like she’s been here much longer she has settled into our lifestyle so quickly and easily … I’d be lost without her.  Karen Crabtree, Halifax

Cymrygold Shankly : 31-08-2019 & Cymrygold Rafa : 25-11-2020

We think ourselves privileged to be the proud owners of two of these amazing dogs. Our boys Shankly 2yrs old & Rafa 9mths have very different personalities but at the same time true to the characteristics of the breed, they are both very protective of their humans. Shankly takes a little longer to feel comfortable with new people, where as Rafa once given the ok wants to lick anyone that will let him, they can be wary of new things around the house and will investigate with caution. They are very intelligent and understand an extensive list of commands. As much as they are alike they are also so different. Shankly is fussy with food or treats Rafa on the other hand will eat anything you give him. My mother summed it up by referring to Shankly as the “head boy” & Rafa as the “class clown”.
They have a wonderful relationship they argue over the same toy despite having two of everything … will play tuggy and then fall asleep next to each other … they even drink out of the water bowl at the same time…. I honestly could never see us owning any other breed, these dogs are something special … even if you do get stopped by people asking about them on every walk!   Louise Rolfe, South Wales.

Cymrygold Dexter : 22-05-2021

After very recently becoming the proud owner of a Chuandong Hound puppy, we quickly fell in love with our friendly (with both dogs and people alike) loving and intelligent boy, when he arrived at our home he enjoyed exploring his new surroundings and settled very quickly, he loves spending time in the garden but keeps coming in to check that everyone is ok?
He is brilliant with our disabled daughter and is very gentle with and around her, especially if she is upset! he likes to lie where he can see her and comes to see what is going on when we are caring for her!   Eloise Dudley, West Midlands.

Cymrygold Mei-Li : 25-11-2020

The Chuandong Hound is something else, they are amazingly different to any other dog breeds I know, we have Mei-Li who is 8 months old, she is the best thing that has happened to me and my family! … For a number of years we have wanted a Family dog but unfortunately due to one of my children’s allergies we weren’t able to have one. I came across Chaundong Hounds online through Alison Darley and immediately fell in love! Through the months I kept in touch with Alison she was very helpful in giving me information and knowledge on the breed. After my son was given the go ahead from his consultant to look at different breeds of dogs, I went straight to Alison and low and behold one of her Chaundong’s had just given birth to a litter… We got our little girl Mei-Li, my son has not shown any sign of an allergic reaction to Mei-Li … she even sleeps on his bed it’s a dream come true!

Chaundong’s are very clever and great with children with special needs, my other Son is diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, Mei-Li senses when he needs calmness and she is a great playmate for him. We love these beautiful dogs that much we want another, I would have a house full of Chaundong’s … I need a bigger house!   Kate Smith, Kent.

Cymrygold Walter : 22-05-2021

We have a 3 Month old Chuandong Hound … Walter … we have had him from 8 weeks of age, it was apparent from the start how smart he was, quickly learning his name and coming when we called him. Basic dog training is made easier if the pup looks at your face, Walter automatically looked at us for guidance without the need to teach him the ‘look’ this makes his response to training very efficient and quick. It was obvious to us that Alison had begun to house train Walter as he knew to use the garden, we were impressed when he started to stand by the patio door asking to go out. It didn’t take long for Walter to learn basic commands such as ‘Sit’ ‘Leave’ and ‘Down’ he has also learnt to be gentle with his mouth when interacting with the Family, not an easy lesson for young pups but Walter understood ‘no biting’ very quickly. Walter is a happy, confident and affectionate puppy with all our family members, he readily greets visitors to our home and people when out and about.

We have a Son who has a movement disorder, learning disability, no sight and no speech, he often drops his toys on the floor and can be very noisy, Walter is not phased by this behaviour or troubled by his wheelchair, indeed Walter loves to lie next to our Son and is happy to be touched by him … he seems to know that our Son is different from other people.

Young pups are often quite ‘scatty’ and don’t listen, Walter seems to be more measured in his approach, he gets on well with our large Boerbole and also likes our cat! Walter likes to keep himself clean, especially his feet and his sparse coat means it will not shed … a bonus for any home. We have fallen in love with this beautiful, affectionate Chuandong pup, who our Vet described as stunning … indeed everywhere we go with him, people are staggered by his beauty.   Angela Murphy, Greater London.     

Cymrygold Ebony : 31-08-2019

Well to start with there’s no hair blowing down the hall, no dirty foot prints as my Ebony cleans her feet perfectly when she comes in from the garden. The family are her people of choice and she is equally fond of them all for cuddle time. Most days she can be found sitting in a sunny spot refusing to share it with her goofy boxer brother. Ebony is calm and a loyal protector of the family, her ability to hear the slightest sound is amazing and she let’s us know that someone is on the drive before we can see them coming. She draws attention where ever we go and is a perfect ambassador for the breed showing off her girly strut with all the attitude we love about her. Ebony is super intelligent and let’s me know when it’s dinner time, walkies time and cuddle time by just making her presence known …. The most affectionate, loyal and unique dog to have ever graced our family.   Nicola Couch, South Wales.

Cymrygold China : 23-06-2016

‘China’ our Chuandong Hound came to live with us in November 2020. She was four and a half years old, and was one of the first Chuandongs that Alison imported from China to begin her conservation breeding programme. From the very first day this little lady has been a calm, happy little dog. She is friendly with other dogs and people she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Everyone we meet love her and are fascinated by her, once she had settled in she became a great house dog, letting anyone who came to the door know that this is where she lives, (she has the cutest bark). She walks well on the lead with no pulling, she enjoys her walks and equally loves to nap! she has not been destructive at all and has always been clean in the house … ‘Bonus’: Chuandongs don’t shed their coat, so no hair on clothing or furniture! … This girl has completely changed our lives for the better it feels like she had been with us forever she is our whole world … She might be a tiny little bit spoilt!   Lyn Fenwick-Lawton, Yorkshire.

Cymrygold Shyanne : 25-11-2020

This year we welcomed our 1st Chuandong hound into our family ‘Shyanne’, we had read a lot on the breed and watched a YouTube video (not knowing at the time it was Alison) J. And I felt this breed is what we were looking for, loyal, good with children, no health issues the list goes on… we have a busy house with 3 sons … Ryan 23, Joshua 20 and Robbie 10, with myself, my husband and 2 cats Optimus and Bumblebee. Shyanne just walked in so full of confidence nothing bothered her, she just made herself right at home. When we got Shy @ 8 weeks of age, she was house trained and even in the Scottish snow she still went outside! I used to horse ride which gave me time to myself out of the house but after my operation I couldn’t do it anymore, I was unsure what to do? … A Year later we welcomed Shyanne..

I have started doing mantrailing classes with Shy and I am loving it, we found a great mantrailing group, Shy has taken everything in her stride. My younger son Robbie has Autism, she gives him so much confidence when we are out on our walks people will stop and ask questions, Robbie loves telling them about Shy and her breed. He did a talk at school about Chuandongs he got a star award for it the Teacher said he was so confident and happy, it was great to see… Shy is softer with Robby and gets so excited when he is coming home from school, she does a howling bark, a bum wiggle and has her ears back … its lovely to see. With my older boys she loves tug rope football and just running around with them. She seems to know what she can do and with who! We have done some online shows and Shyanne is now a virtual Champion … We received photos and updates before we got Shyanne, which helped Robbie get to know her, he was so excited and made a large banner for her. We are so lucky to have a breeder that is so passionate about her breed and is always there for advice…. We have been welcomed and supported with Shyanne’s accomplishments by our growing Chuandong family… Shy is nine months now and I cant remember not having her.    Gail Crilly, Scotland.

Cymrygold Dynasty : 05-07-2016

I think Dynasty is one of a kind, when he first came to us I thought he would be very unsettled but to my surprise he settled in very quickly. He is such a loving dog and very cheeky, he did push the boundaries a bit until he knew his place in our family. Apparently Chuandongs don’t usually like water but Dynasty loves to swim in the sea. He does have a mischievous side … don’t turn your back if you have a plate of toast as he will be off with it! I have never had such a loving dog he is great with my son who loves him to bits and allows him to sleep on his bed.   Joanne Moore, Scotland.

Cymrygold Amber : 17-09-2019

If you are looking for a fluffy, excitable furball, who bounds up to greet every visitor without hesitation or discernment… don’t get a Chaundong Hound! Amber is initially wary of people, she will bark at anyone approaching the house but once the door is open and she establishes it’s a familiar face the tail starts wagging.  She copes really well with new people within her space – especially if they follow our instructions to basically ignore her until she approaches them on her own terms. We always get the best welcome home from Amber, she practically wags herself in circles! She is so happy when she knows we are all present.
Amber enjoys the local dog park with the other dogs, she definitely prefers to chase than be chased but with certain dogs she will do both and you can see the sheer joy of running in her face. Her hunting instinct is strong, her prey drive is triggered by scent and movement.  She is very reactive to cars, people and cats when walking on the lead; she is on high alert the whole time. A secure field where she can be off lead is ideal for her, she will often head off by herself and survey the area as she is very much her own animal.
Amber is wonderful with our children; our daughter is 8, our son is 6 and has Down syndrome. Amber is smothered by love by the eldest and largely ignored by the youngest. When other children come round she is curious but not full on there’s never any jumping up or over enthusiastic licking, she is happy if they want to stroke or play with her, when she has had enough she will just walk away.
Amber is quite vocal but it’s not always barking, she makes a whole range of deep throaty noises which sound like Scooby Doo asking questions! Amber has enriched our lives immensely she is a sun-worshipping, sometimes goofy, loving, proud, and much adored member of our family … we are very grateful to have her.      Vicky Brannan, Kent.

Cymrygold Coda : 22-05-2021

Coda is a loyal, smart and loving dog, a perfect addition to our family that has already bought us a lot of love and laughs! We hope in the future to use her as a ‘well being’ dog in a school, with her current temperament, sweet nature and stoic resolve, we believe that she will take well to the required training … she will spread a little more Chuandong magic that makes people fall in love with this clever and responsive breed… Alison and Daisy had done such a fantastic job with the litter, we were surprised such a young puppy was already crate and toilet trained! The ongoing support and advice offered by Alison @ Cymrygold shows her care and good intentions as a breeder to preserve this beautiful breed. Thank you for everything!  Lynn Shuttleworth, Manchester.

Cymrygold Chin Chin : 01-10-2018

 Chin Chin my beautiful Chuandong arrived three years ago, she was dominant with my other dog when she arrived in my home but he seemed to except this and they were good together, sadly he passed away twelve months ago. I have had many different breeds but I have totally fallen for this breed. Chin is loyal but not needy, only barks for a reason and she is aloof towards strangers. Chin enjoys walking, she is not really interested in other dogs, I feel safe with her because she is so loyal, she does have a stubborn streak if she doesn’t want to walk a certain way she will refuse to move … she does have a strong character.

These dogs thrive on positive training and respect, you can tell they are a primitive breed when you own one, I feel I am blessed to have her in my life … In the future I would love to have a male Chuandong for a companion for Chin … I would only buy him from Alison @ Cymrygold who is dedicated to preserving this breed.  Angela Loveder, Lancashire.

Cymrygold Hong Long : 17-09-2019

We absolutely adore our Chuandong hound Hong Long, she such a unique personality unlike any dog we’ve ever had before. We love how quirky and fun loving she is, the way she talks and chatters to us is unlike anything we’ve ever heard from a dog before! This is a very special breed that is extremely loyal to their family, Hong Long is always on the lookout to make sure that her human and animal family are safe, she is well suited to a variety of lifestyles from chilled house dog to a hiking buddy, these hounds are suited to it all! … We are so thankful that Alison chose to let a Chaundong hound join our family.   Thalia Counsell, Yorkshire.