Frequently asked questions

When people come across the Chuandong Hound the most common question is … “How do they get on with other dogs and animals” …

The pictures below show that as with all other breeds, so long as they are socialised as babies they can build relationships and live happily with a variety of species.

See below for more commonly asked questions

Question Answer
What breeds are they crossed with? The breed is a product of the environment they have evolved in for more than 2000 years, not a man made mix of breeds produced for a particular job, or to look a certain way that can often leave dogs with health problems especially with breathing issues.
Do they like Children? They absolutely adore the company of Children happy to be their constant companion having cuddles or playing with toys, they attach very quickly to all members of 'their' family to which they are very loyal, making them great house dogs warning the family if there is anyone around.
Are they easy to Train? Yes, they are very intelligent with a strong desire to please, they respond especially well when using reward based training with either treats or tuggy toys. As with any other breed, they are excellent with other dogs so long as appropriate training is given at a young age.
Are they bald? No, they have a single coat which means they do not have a fluffy under coat that sheds, the coat is particularly sparse on the under belly, inside of the legs and the tail. As they do not shed any coat they are a naturally Hypoallergenic breed!
Do they have skin issues? No, They have a natural oil in the skin that keeps it healthy and supple, in hot weather a small amount of baby oil rubbed into the skin will enhance the natural oils reducing the chance of the skin drying out. They only have fine wrinkles on the top of the head, none on the muzzle, so they have no issues with wrinkle soreness.
What is their life span? The life span of the Chuandong Hound is an incredible 16-20 years! This is due to the breed evolving through natural selection, in that only the dogs that could work well while coping with the heat and humidity of their native China were used to breed the next generation. This has left us with a very healthy breed with no inherited health issues.
How big are they? The Chuandong Hound is a medium sized dog, the Males are a maximum of 50cms @ the shoulder, the Females a maximum of 45cms, Adults weigh from 20-25kgs.
Are they registered with the U.K. kennel Club? No, there are less than 50 individuals in the U.K. [March 2022] bred from the 10 dogs we have imported from China, it will be some years before we can meet the criteria set out by the K.C. to accept the breed onto the Import Register.
How much does a Chuandong Hound cost to buy? We keep the price of our pups relatively low compared to other breeds, this is because we want to place our pups into families where they will remain for their whole lives, this keeps the individual pups safe from being exploited by people that might breed them just for profit and keeps the breed as a whole safe as we develop a strong foundation in the U.K. Our pups are £1800 @ 8 weeks of age, they are born and reared in our home with the best of care, they will be routinely wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped before they leave for their new homes with the protection of 4 weeks insurance..... From time to time we will have young Adults available to new homes for around £500, these individuals will have been neutered!
Can I breed from my Chuandong Hound? No! ... As our first dogs arrived in 2017 and the 'First' official CKU breed standard was published in 2018 ... we are focusing on giving the breed the strongest possible foundation, only breeding from individuals that are as close as possible to the breed standard. As all our pups are sold to lifelong family homes as pets not to be bred from with a signed 'Puppy Sales Contract' ... This is explained clearly to everyone who buys a pup from us @ Cymrygold.
Is there a Breed club for the Chuandong Hound? Yes, 'The Chuandong Hound Club' was established in September of 2017, the club's Constitution and Rules are in line with the U.K.Kennel club. We have a Facebook page off our main page where members can ask questions about the breed. Owners share pictures and news about their Chuandong's.