My Biography

Over the last 40 years I have owned and bred various breeds competing in a range of  activities including competitive obedience up to championship level, sheepdog trialing and more recently (2004 – 2018) breeding showing and exporting quality Dogue de Bordeauxs who have gone on to gain many champion titles World wide, as well as becoming the foundation Dogues for other kennels enabling them to go on to have great success. Over this time I have routinely health tested all my dogs, I will use my experience gained over four decades to promote the Chuandong Hound, giving these unique dogs the best possible foundation in the U.K.

This is the only website available that is dedicated to the Chuandong Hound. I will keep our Facebook page … First Chuandong Hound kennel, Cymrygold … which now has 4,000 followers (January 2022) and this website up to date with any news here @ Cymrygold.

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My Chuandong journey from 2016

In 2016 having made the decision to import what was then called the Chongqing Dog [Hunting type] into the U.K. I knew I did not want another Brachycephalic breed, so the search was on to locate dogs that were as close as possible to the Original Hunting Hound this was not at all easy! Having no contacts in China I had to work with a middle man which was not ideal but it was my only choice at that time. I looked at many pictures and videos of dogs of various ages before I decided to concentrate on locating young pups, this was due to the time it would take to get the correct paperwork which included a 90 day wait after the Rabies blood test. This was a wise decision as the pups I located took more than 12 Months to finally arrive in the U.K. During 2017 my chosen Male ‘Dynasty’ and 3 Females China, Chang and Kaishi arrived, later on I bought another Male ‘Yogi’ who arrived in April of 2019.

Our first litter was born in December of 2017 by the end of 2018 Kaishi, China and Chang had each had a litter to Dynasty, Yogi sired a litter towards the end of 2019 … The girls all whelped naturally, they where amazing mothers producing plenty of milk and keeping the pups spotlessly clean.






In August of 2017 the C.K.U. Native breeds conservation club headed by Mr Franki Leung took the decision to split the Chongqing Dog … which was just a name that had been given in the year 2000 to dogs that lived in and around Chongqing City, not a recognised breed with a breed standard! … Into two breeds each with their first ever CKU recognised breed standard.

The City dogs retained the name ‘Chongqing Dog’ [FCI Group 2] as they live as family companions in urban areas concentrated in Chongqing City, over generations they have been bred to have a stockier build with a bull breed type head including an undershot jaw, their coat colouring … as stated in the Breed standard … should be shades of Red or solid Black though there are very few true solid Black or Red Chongqing Dogs, many of the individuals being bred from carry Black and Tan which can be seen in the variation of colours found in the litters to date, it will take many generations by dedicated breeder’s to get the consistent colour’s asked for in the Breed standard.

The original hunting dog was given the name ‘Chuandong Hound’ [FCI Group 6] accounting for the breed’s 2000 year history as a scent hound which continues to this day! The coat colouring … as stated in the Breed standard … for the Chuandong Hound is shades of Red with or without a Black mask. Though the pups we bred @ Cymrygold have become much loved family companions … see ‘Owner reviews’ page … they were not meeting the CKU breed standard first published in January 2018 [2 years after I bought my dogs] particularly in regard to their coat colouring, length of muzzle and scissor bite …

I am passionate about giving the Chuandong Hound the strongest possible foundation here in the U.K. Breeding dogs that are correct to the C.K.U. standard is the only way to achieve this! … With this in mind I used the contacts I had made over the last few years to find dogs with the correct coat colouring and scissor bite. Having located the dogs they were delayed in China for 14 Months because of the Covid 19 situation! After many Months of waiting Hugo, Amber, Fei fei and Manzai arrived in March of 2021, followed by Oscar who arrived in February of 2022… Fei fei and Manzai have both had a litter to Hugo … All the pups are correct to the C.K.U. breed Standard in regard to their coat colouring. As the parents to all our litters born beyond September 2021 will have the desired scissor bite we are confident this will also be inherent in their progeny … Amber has now had a litter to Oscar (March 2023)

Fei Fei with her litter

Manzai with her litter

Amber with her litter

Breed promotion in the U.K.

In February 2019, I was able to get an item on the ITV Welsh News @ 6pm which showed a short film of Daisy and I talking about our Chuandong’s, we have also had articles in our local Newspaper and various National dog specific magazines …. The latest article was in the June 2022 edition of ‘Dogs Today’ magazine, see below. 

                  I have designed this pamphlet as another way to help promote the breed … Available to download .. Here > Chuandong Hound.