Puppies we have bred

Including - Cymrygold Hallie & Cymrygold Primo

Over the last 40 years I have owned and bred various breeds [usually one two at the most! at any one time] my driving force has always been to breed the best quality dogs I can adhering to my interpretation of the breed standard in place for each breed, I enjoy attending dog shows to see how my dogs compare to dogs bred by other like minded breeders? Obviously I cannot keep all the pups I breed my other joy is to place these pups into life long loving homes where they are valued as family members, this is especially true with a healthy long lived breed such as the Chuandong Hound.

                            Below are pictures of Chuandong hound pups that we have bred enjoying life with their new families. 

Cymrygold Hallie

As I competed in competitive obedience for many years I have the experience to appreciate how intelligent these amazing dogs are, they make wonderful family companions but they also have the physique and trainability to succeed in many activities, ‘Hallie’ guided by her doting owner Gemma is proving how well they can do if given the oppotunity as a youngster.

Gemma got Hallie from me when she was 6 months of age she has since introduced her to scent work which she took to really well recently progressing onto gun oil, as Hallie is now physically matured she has started her on the basics of Agility and Man trailing, which is a new Dog sport in the U.K.

 as Gemma says “There is nothing that this girl cannot do!”  …  Gemma runs ‘UK Sniffer Dogs’ with her husband.

Cymrygold Primo

From the litter born in September 2019 ‘Cymrygold Primo’ became the first of our Chuandong’s to travel abroad to his new family. He is owned and loved by Viktoria & Zeljko Lozic who live in Slovakia his pet name is now Api, Viktoria has great plans for a show career for this handsome lad when he is old enough, in the mean time a TV station has filmed him to promote the breed in Serbia & Slovakia!