We have a Litter due in September!

We are proud to have imported our first generation direct from China, going on to breed the first Chuandong Hound litters in the U.K.  I will post on this page when I have news of pups due from a positive scan.

You can use the information on the Contact page to link to our Facebook or Instagram accounts, to see more pictures of pups and the older dogs here @ Cymrygold, to speak to me directly, or send an enquiry using the email link for information regarding any planned litters.

We have had ‘China’ scanned which has confirmed that she is pregnant, if all goes well the litter is due the first week of September.

We are especially excited to see these babies as they are the first to be sired by ‘Yogi’

Please use the details on the contact page for any enquiries regarding this litter.