Breed Standard and Breed Characteristics

The unique look of the Chuandong Hound  has evolved over more than 2000 years through natural selection in that only the dogs that could cope with the rough terrain and intense heat were used for hunting and breeding, no consideration was given to the look of the dogs just that they were fit for purpose! The characteristics we see today pricked ears, erect tail, with a sparse single coat of harsh hair is a product of the environment in which these dogs have thrived in, likewise the dogs that moved to the urban areas as pets have since been selected for their calmer temperament better placed to cope with urban living, over some generations the City dogs have developed a stockier build and a different head type compared to the original hunting hound.

These physical differences are the reason that the China Kennel Union took the decision to create two distinct breeds giving people with an interest in each breed a blue print to work to when breeding in the future.

                                                             Below is a chart highlighting the main points where the breeds differ,


Standard Chuandong Chongqing
Muzzle/ Skull length 1 - 1 1 - 2
Colour Shades of Red Shades of Red or Solid Black
Bite Scissor Undershot <5mm
Eyes Almond shape Oval shape
Topline Level Slight fall between shoulders, rising above the croup
Height Male 45-50cms, Female40-45cms Male 40-45cms, Female 35-40cms

                                    Use the links below to read the complete standard for each breed, published in January 2018

       Pictures of our ‘Dynasty’ were used to promote the breed in a publication that was available @ the FCI World Dog show in May 2019.

Chuandong Hound Characteristics

The Chuandong Hound is a very unique breed with many characteristics that are more like cats than dogs in that they keep themselves impeccably clean licking their feet, under belly and legs clean if they are wet or muddy, are easy to house train will arch their backs and rub against your legs for attention as well as turning their ears individually to identify sounds they are very sure footed.They are extremely intelligent with a willingness to learn attaching quickly to family members which makes them alert house dogs.

Chuandong Hounds are very affectionate, loving and loyal with all family members they adore Children who they are very gentle with. They can be talkative making a deep throaty noise in response to the same from their people! They enjoy playing with toys patting them with their feet and throwing them up to catch them as well as running around at great speed, but they are also happy just to be close to family members for cuddles they are great company and fun to have around, …

All this character with the added bonus that they don’t moult and have a life span of 16 – 20 years!

                                                                             Pictures below show Chuandong Hounds in China,

                  9 years old

                 11 years old

                 16 years old

                  20 years old