Cymrygold Oscar

Oscar arrived in the U.K. in February 2022 direct from China … well not very direct as he was delayed for some 3 months on route from China, we needed to use couriers to travel him across Europe due to flight restrictions ~ a result of the World situation with Covid!

I arranged to buy Oscar after seeing pictures of him as a 4 month old puppy, its always a risk buying a pup (as I have learnt from experience) a promising Chuandong puppy does not always reach his full potential when mature and your money is lost! Thankfully this was not the case with Oscar, he is correct when compared to the breed standard particularly in regard to his dark red coat and perfect scissor bite.

Oscar has the sweetest nature he has settled really well and is quite obsessed with me, which gives him the confidence to cope with new situations, hopefully he will continue to flourish enabling him to attend some shows in Europe next year? As well as siring the next generation of Cymrygold Chuandong’s.