The unique look of the 'Chongy', ....prick eared, erect tail with a single coat of sparse, harsh hair.... has evolved through natural selection! only dogs that could hunt while coping with the environment's rough terrain and stifling heat were bred from, no consideration was given to the look of these dogs! Likewise the dogs that lived in the City were selected for their calmer temperament to cope with City life, the City dog evolved into a stocky lazier dog with a shorter muzzle and more wrinkles on the head.

As more people from outside China became interested in the Breed, the Chinese Kennel Union [CKU] worked with the owners that had formed the Chongqing Dog Club, to create two standards to give breeder's of their preferred type a blue print to work to, in 2017 the Standards were published along with the names to destinquish between the two types, Chuandong Hound [original hunting type] and Chongqing Dog [city type] .... [These could be updated when full recognition from the CKU is finalised?]


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